Bad Day in Ricciville

Honey is away.

Until FRIDAY late evening. Today is only Sunday.

Oh dear.

Today was our first full day of him being away (he left yesterday afternoon), and it was horrible. Isaac did absolutely everything to push buttons (including breaking my camera and/or lens by colouring on it with a highlighter [it won’t focus], at which I somehow managed to keep my mouth shut, and just walk away, rather than bursting in anger). Poor Ally was pretty much her normal self, but everything she did that is normally only slightly annoying (like take a little extra effort going to sleep) was incredibly frustrating today.

I learned something today about myself. When I’m functioning on barely any sleep (about 2 hours I’d guess), I have VERY little patience. This is not good. This is not ok. Understandable, yes. Excusable? No. I need to learn to rejoice in all circumstances, and to have the patience with my children that Christ has for me (yikes!).

My conundrum is that I don’t know how I *should* respond to Isaac when he does something he shouldn’t. Deliberately disobeying. Shouting “NO” at me when I tell him to do something/stop doing something. Pushing his sister so she falls and cries.

Do I respond with yelling and anger? Push him so he falls and cries? (I know, I know). Gently say “Hey sweetie, would you please not do that?”. Give him a time-out? It seems that nothing works. I’d prefer a gentle way, with no harsh punishments (I prefer “discipline” instead of simply “punishing”). I want him to obey because of a heart connection. Is this too much to ask?

Why don’t 2-year-olds come with warning labels?

And instruction manuals?


PS – He has a nasty hacking cough when lying down. It wakes him up in the night, and he then calls out for me. As if I wasn’t already awake enough with Ally…


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3 Responses to Bad Day in Ricciville

  1. thismama says:

    I am sorry that it was a rough day:(.
    Praying that you get some sleep tonight and that tomorrow will be better!

  2. Beth says:

    Oh dear sweet Beth,
    I am so very sorry you had such an awful day…it CAN only get better. If I could, I’d be there in a minute, but that doesn’t help you now. I’m limited in what I can do to help you, except with words of encouragement and love. YOU BETH RICCI ARE A TERRIFIC, LOVING, PATIENT MOM. With Chris away, juggling two little ‘angels’..
    one of whom probably read the book ‘how to make mom go crazy in record time – 1. push every button in less than 60 seconds and then repeat, and 2. attack the sibling’.
    I encourage you to take your friends up on their offers to help, AND STOP BEING SO HARD ON YOURSELF! I love you, you will get through this, call anytime day or night if you need to vent.
    love jan

  3. Stephanie says:

    That is a tough age. Sounds like a day in our life when Nate was that age and we and two new little girls around. He spent a lot of time in his room. I still feel like I fumbled through, but he has changed so much. Communication is a big factor. He is a lot better at telling me what he wants rather than having a melt down. And as the girls got older I was able to make more time to do special things with him. Dr. Leman has a book out called “Have a New Kid by Friday.” I haven’t read it all yet, but it really seems to have some good insights into discipline. I read the part about potty training. Between that and a good talk with the boy, we were able to turn a big corner on that front. Hang in there Beth, it gets easier 🙂 Oh, and the diet thing really helps too. When we can keep him off refined sugar he does so much better.


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