857 Days

The cutest little fake smile you’ve ever seen, complete with messy hair and crumbs on his face 🙂

My dear Isaac Aidan,

It’s been 857 days since we met. 20,568 hours. 1,234,080 minutes (plus a few by the time I’m finished writing this… especially if you keep interrupting to get me to read you more stories).

You are a precocious and exuberant two-year-old. Coming up on 2 and a half, actually. I kept meaning to write you a letter on or around your second birthday, like I did for your first. Somehow time kept slipping by, though, and here we are 4-ish months later. Perhaps it was due to little sister joining our family 6 months ago. Being a mama to two of you little monkeys is, um, busy. Nonetheless, I can’t imagine doing anything else with my days. Changing poopy diapers, making meals, playing, reading stories, kissing owies. Ah, such a glamorous life 🙂

I love listening to you talk. Looking into your big chocolate brown eyes which reflect such depth of understanding. You say such funny and sweet things – you speak in full sentences, and are very verbal for your age. You love your sister, but have a habit of sitting on her sometimes. For whatever reason though, she’s completely enthralled by you. You come into the room, flash that grin of yours her way, and she’s on top of the world. I love it.

Your most favourite things these days are trains (especially at your train table that Daddy made you for Christmas, from which you can watch the real train go by our house from the bay window in the living room!), Psalty, VeggieTales, balls, airplanes and helicopters, and wrestling with Daddy on the floor. You also love to watch us do things in the kitchen. We pull up a chair for you to stand on, and you lend your stirring skills freely. Oh, and your dancing! I *love* your dancing. Let’s just say I’m glad we’ll likely live in Africa at some point, and I hope it won’t be too late for you to get a little rhythm 🙂 Haha! (Like parents, like child!).

You still suck your thumb, and soon we’ll have to help you learn to end that little habit. Right now it’s still kind of cute, though the dentist doesn’t think so 🙂 You had your first dentist appointment recently when you accidentally knocked out your front tooth by running into your bed (you’ll be toothless for 4 or 5 years until the adult tooth comes in), and you were a total superstar – they did a cleaning, and you just sat there good as gold!

Just before Christmas we got you a big boy haircut. It suits you, and makes you look so grown-up. I love it, though it makes me just a little nostalgic for your disappearing babyhood. I love how you still want to cuddle every night as you fall asleep in your bed, but I know this will end one day (hopefully not any time soon).

There is so much more I could say. I’m your biggest fan (and Daddy too!), and I love you so much. I just wanted record of few of these thoughts before I blink and you’re a big grown-up kid. I’m proud of you, little man. Thankful to be your mama…




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