Our ‘Dativersary’

us as a dating couple in high school (in the music room, hence the rainbow with music notes)

Today marks one whole decade since I had my first date. (Yikes!).

It was with the hot (older than me) boy in the photo above. I was a giggly love-struck girl, he was a sweet and quiet computer geek. We went to a fancy-schmancy restaurant, and pretended to be grown-ups. We ordered appetizers before our meal, ate the pate and olives, giggled about not being sure which fork to use, and at the end he paid with his own credit card. I figured I was a grown-up for sure. The night absolutely flew by, amidst sparks of love and feelings I’d yet to experience until then. It was like having a conversation with your best friend of many years, except that it was our first date.

A few short weeks later I knew for sure that I wanted to marry him. He felt the same way. We were 17 and 18 years old. Being so young, everyone else figured we’d break up and go our own ways eventually. We did have a break-up that lasted a month or so, but it wasn’t long before we realized that we didn’t want to be apart… ever again.

We waited an agonizingly long time (because we were so young)… and were finally married, with our family and friends’ love and blessings, when we were 19 and 20. What a wild ride this thing called marriage has been! Ample amounts of grace and forgiveness have peppered our relationship, as we’ve grown and learned together how to be the spouse that God designed us to be. And oh, what fun it has been! (My favorite thing about my hubby is how we can laugh together. Laughing until our sides hurt and tears are streaming. He brings me such joy!)

Tonight we sit in our living room together, relaxing for a few moments before we flop exhausted into bed. The kiddos (rambunctious-but-adorable Isaac, and precious-steal-your-heart Ally) are sleeping (though they will inevitably wake tonight for nursing/water), and life is sweet. Many hours of ‘playing house’ as a kid have turned into a reality as I watch myself living my dreams in reality. What blessings I have been gifted with! That God has seen fit to give me this man, and these children, and the necessary grace to be an adequate wife and mama to them is a wonder to me.

I pray that we will have many more decades of love and life.

There’s no one I’d rather have than you, honey. I love you!


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4 Responses to Our ‘Dativersary’

  1. kimberley says:

    congratulations!! love the picture – can’t believe how young you both look!! not that you look old now:).

  2. Kristina says:

    Excuse me I was there!!! So strange…that photo is a frozen memory in time yet we remember things so vividly!

  3. thismama says:

    I love stories like this!!
    And you two look so cute!

  4. Krista says:

    I remember you first telling me about Chris. You were so in love. I knew you were meant to be, even when you broke up for a bit. I think everyone did. 🙂 You guys inspire me.


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