Somebody’s Husband

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So I’m sitting here, holding Ally in the Ergo while she sleeps, listening to Chris Tomlin’s Christmas album, and watching Isaac play with blocks and read himself books out loud (which is really stinkin’ adorable)… and I had a “yikes” thought…

I am currently raising somebody’s husband! (ie. Isaac). When I think about my Honey, and the many ways in which he is a really amazing hubby, I remember that he is who he is largely thanks to his awesome parents, who instilled and encouraged certain values, skills, and character traits in him. Then I remember that I am currently doing that with Isaac. The day to day monotony takes on a new meaning when I remember that I am raising somebody’s husband, and what a weighty responsibility it really is!

This thought was probably a continuation of another similar thought the other day…

Remember your childhood? You know how it affects you in so many ways, and how it has shaped who you are today? Despite it or thanks to it, you are who you are. It occurred to me that Chris and I are currently, at this very moment, creating Isaac & Ally’s childhoods. Yikes! If I could go into the future, I’d ask them about their childhoods, praying that I didn’t mess them up too much! šŸ˜‰

I can only pray that God would continue to give me grace with these two precious souls that he has seen fit for me to raise here on earth. His grace and mercies, new every morning (every minute) are all I have to fall back on in this most important responsibility!


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4 Responses to Somebody’s Husband

  1. Katrina says:

    I was thinking about that the other day…well something similar.
    My Uncle taught my Dad to pray for our spouses when we were still babies & my Dad prayed everyday for the man that I would marry not just in regards to me but also in regards to his upbringing. So as I was rocking Evie to sleep that I night I sat there praying for her future friends/boyfriends/husband that they would all be positive, encouraging, challenging, loving, Godly influences in her life & she in theirs. Then I got overwhelmed by the fact that she will be someones friend/girlfriend/wife/mother & that she is learning from us. Its a pretty awesome & humbling job we have…THANKFULLY we are note alone!

    P.S. You two are doing a wonderful job with your beautiful children!

  2. Beth says:

    I know you know that I check your Blog most everyday as I inevitably find it challenging, stimulating, funny, a blessing and…………

    What you don’t know, however, is that it also confirms to me (us) that Chris couldn’t have a better wife and Isaac and Ally a better Mom.

    Keep raising that future husband and future wife as you have been and no question, they and the many others who come in contact with them, will be blessed in the future because of it.

  3. Hey, that’s weird – that comment was from John/Dad… but it says it is from me! It looks like I’m talking to myself, and think rather highly of myself…

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