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Our ‘Dativersary’

Today marks one whole decade since I had my first date. (Yikes!). It was with the hot (older than me) boy in the photo above. I was a giggly love-struck girl, he was a sweet and quiet computer geek. We … Continue reading

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Reflections for the Season :: Vol.1

{37 days to go} There’s no denying it now. Christmas is right around the proverbial corner, and my calendar is threatening to go double-time until it comes. Baking, partying, gift-buying, wrapping, card-writing, decorating, heart-preparing, tree-trimming, crafting… and not enough free … Continue reading

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Sprucing Up the Joint

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! If you are reading this via google reader or something similar, you’ll need to clickety click on over to my actual blog in order to see it… My inner creative genius (said with a smirk) busted out yesterday, and … Continue reading

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Somebody’s Husband

So I’m sitting here, holding Ally in the Ergo while she sleeps, listening to Chris Tomlin’s Christmas album, and watching Isaac play with blocks and read himself books out loud (which is really stinkin’ adorable)… and I had a “yikes” … Continue reading

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Fresh Pesto, Where Have You Been All My Life?

As many of my friends and family already know, I went to a naturopathic doctor in August because of suspected food sensitivities in myself/Aliza. It turned out I was definitely right – Electro-Dermal testing showed that I am sensitive to … Continue reading

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Rock and Roll

Yup, Ally’s now a regular roller. From her tummy to her back at least. I don’t think she’s rolled the other way… yet. It’s all going by so quickly. Now if she would only start sleeping better again. Oh, and … Continue reading

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