Finding my Place

Photo taken with Honey's iphone. Fall in the Prairies may not have much variety of color, but the golden leaves against the perfect blue sky is just scrumptious. I love love love fall.

So fall has come in all its golden leaves and blue skies of gorgeousness. Though fall in the prairies is different from fall in other parts of the country (ie. not as pretty, some say), I’m learning to appreciate the subtle beauty that it brings. Leaves that are positively glowing in their ‘golden-ness’, framed by a background of the brightest blue sky you’ve ever seen. I remember thinking when I moved here in February, that the sky seems extra blue here. There aren’t many ‘grey days’, and even when it’s freezing cold, the sky is often beautiful and blue, with the sun shining down. I think I prefer this.

If you look long enough, you can find a few small leaves of bright red. Enough to make this Maritimer/Ontarian happy šŸ™‚

With the arrival of fall has come the flurry of busyness. As a side note… I find people in our culture wear their busyness as a badge. The busier, the better, and the more sympathy and camaraderie you find. I recently heard one mom saying to another, “oh it’s been so long, and we keep meaning to get together… how’ve you been? super busy?”… and the other mom says “oh, uh, yeah, we’ve been busy…”. I didn’t get the sense that she really was that busy, she just felt compelled to say that she was. Anyway… back to fall…

In Three Hills there are so many activities and churches and events and groups… SO. MANY. Things to keep us BUSY. I could be busy every day of the week if I wanted. But I don’t want to. Be that busy, I mean. Some people thrive on that kind of craziness. I wither. I need time to be at home, doing my thing, or I start to feel lost.

Speaking of feeling lost, lately I’ve been wondering where my place is in TH. There are so many young couples in the same stage of life as us, but it sometimes seems that everyone already has their connections. Also, it’s difficult to find friends who are like-minded in the things that matter to me. Not that I have to have friends that completely agree with me on everything, but it’s nice to have some things in common. Anyway, the whole making friends in a new town thing feels like the awkward dating stage (or what I imagine it to be like, as we kind of skipped that part), and I do not really enjoy it. Small talk exhausts me. I want to skip to the part where we can share our hearts and laugh together over a cup of tea, wondering two hours later where the time went.

I had tea with a lovely new friend at the tea house a week ago. It was one of those share-your-hearts and laugh-together types of teas… and it was so wonderful. I felt that we could be kindred spirits, which are quite difficult to find. Every Anne needs a Diana šŸ™‚

Through it all however God has been teaching me that nothing on earth can satisfy my longings except Him. I’ve been reading about loneliness and business in my devotions, and hope to share a little of it here soon.


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2 Responses to Finding my Place

  1. sadie says:

    This post so so resinates w/ me, Beth!!

  2. naomi says:

    I can relate somewhat to what you are saying Betheroos. Even ‘coming home’ to Trenton – I have to same struggle with friends. There isn’t one person I know who I could just call and have them come over for a cup of tea. šŸ˜¦ It makes me miss you (and Kat) a lot. At the same time though, the only ONE person I have close to you two here, is my mom. I hangout with her a lot now. She’s even cooler than I remember. šŸ˜€

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