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{Because every post is better with a photo...} Our big strong girl! She can stand up on her legs, and hold her head up on her own really well. {6-7ish weeks old}

I’m solo parenting this week, and believe me… one week is enough. Single parents of young children have my utmost respect, that’s for sure. And I’m not even doing it *alone* really, I’m at my parents’ house, and have lots of help. Two nights ago, Aliza did *NOT* sleep well at all… it was kind of horrible. And I remembered those first few months with Isaac… how I basically felt stoned and ill for 3 or 4 months solid. No real break. Major sleep deprivation really, really sucks. Which is why I am ever so grateful to be getting much more sleep this time around. I don’t feel desperately tired on a daily basis. I don’t feel like I’m solely in survival mode. I feel like I’m actually thriving and loving these days… what a refreshing change! That said, I do miss my honey this week. Things are just so much smoother and easier with him around. We have our rhythm together, our routine… he knows what I need and what I want, and vice versa. I love that man a lot.

Anyway, now that I’ve rambled a bit (can I ever *not* ramble?? sheesh!)… I can share what I was planning on sharing here – some awesome links that I’ve been enjoying as of late!


Code Name: Mama wrote a list of 101 Things to Do Instead of Yelling or Spanking. I particularly like #29, 37, 55, 57, 68, 99, and 100, and I’m thinking of writing those ones out (and maybe a few more), and posting them somewhere in my house.

The Healthy Home Economist explains IFS (Industrial Food Sickness). According to her analogy, are you the teetotaler or the drunk?

The Nursing in Public Carnival was going on when I was overdue and waiting to give birth to Aliza. Lots of varied views and thoughts on breastfeeding in public. The post called Paradigm Shift: Breastfeeding as Worship was my absolute favourite, written by one of my favourite bloggers – Megan @ SortaCrunchy. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that one… is it a new perspective for you? Do you agree/disagree?

The Anchoring Effect was a fascinating read. It all makes sense. I feel like I totally knew that already, but yet I know that I fall victim to it from time to time too. The best line? “Does an $800 Louis Vuitton purse function better than a $25 handbag from Wal-Mart? No, not even if it was hand made from giraffe leather and stitched by real, magical leprechauns. It’s just a purse.”

Questioning the status quo is part of who I am, and one of my personal values. Thus, I find articles like this one to be important and thought-provoking, especially as it pertains to the topic of my children’s health :: The Very Important Vaccine Question.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on any or all of these… I would love for this blog to not be a ‘one-way street’… I know you’re reading, so why not leave your thoughts behind? :):):)


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2 Responses to Lovely Linkage to Share

  1. Anna D says:

    I haven’t checked all of them yet but really love the one with the LV bag, it is hilarious and sadly true.. Thank you for sharing those links

  2. lola says:

    Good links. You pretty much know how I stand on a lot of it. Have you seen the movie Babies yet? I did and I wish I could have watched it with you. Very thought provoking but what I loved the most was when the baby from Mongolia was sucking on a hunk of cow fat with a match through it so he wouldn’t swallow it as a soother. I thought of you. Now everyone is going to wonder why weirdo Lola thinks of Beth when baby sucks on hunks of fat but for some reason, it just reminded me of you 🙂

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