Summer Always Leads to Autumn

Isaac & Sara, eating ice cream @ Aspen Beach Provincial Park (Our one and only camping trip this summer - when Aliza was 3 weeks old).

"Babies grow so quickly" is NOT something they just say for kicks. It's ridiculously true. With the impending 2nd birthday of my baby boy, I'm determined to soak in all the little baby Aliza snuggles while I can. She's beautiful and lovely, and I just love snuggling her and kissing her little face. (3-ish weeks old here).

Swinging with Daddy. Late July or early August 2010. I love my boys (and new little lady, who was nestled close to her mama in the sling when I was taking this picture).

A nice way to end off the summer was to come back East* to visit family and friends... this is Grandpa with Ally. (*I now call ON "the East" in an effort to blend in with the native albertans. That's what they call it, and it sounds strange every time I hear it, since I grew up in the real East... the Maritimes).

I absolutely adore the intense look of love and tenderness on Isaac's face. I imagine he's thinking "Oh yeah, she's a keeper :)"

This summer was filled with all things sweet baby and lovely wild toddler, and all the warm fuzzies and gushy post-partum hormones I could handle. I am ridiculously in love with my family… sometimes even I roll my eyes at the sappy thoughts that drip like sweet honey from my brain. Suffice it to say, the good overwhelms the not-as-good, and I pray that I can remember that on the hard days.

On the other hand, sometimes I am tired and annoyed, and just generally grouchy. I’m sure there are many  (but not too many, hopefully) of those days in my future, especially as I return to life in the small-town as a SAHM of two, and finally get into my routine… day in and day out. Sometimes things happen to frustrate, hurt, or anger you… but I guess that’s life, and you eventually move on. The most important things in my life are my Jesus, my honey, my sweet babies, and friends/family. Everything else is just extra, and doesn’t really matter in the long run.

I am already anticipating this fall. The crunchy leaves and sweaters are signs of my favourite season. It’s so beautiful and crisp. There will be poopy diapers, potty training, transitioning to a big-boy bed, and figuring out how to shower/do housework/make meals/do my PM work, etc. whilst also keeping two littles alive and happy on my agenda for these few months. I shan’t be very busy at all…

Why is it that fall always seems to arrive “all of a sudden”? Is it because I’m so busy enjoying summer that I forget to anticipate fall’s arrival? How sad! As my favourite season, it deserves it’s own excitement. Next year I will try to remember to get excited about it in August at least.

This post is a bit random and ramble-ish… so I shall end here.

PS – Isaac’s little birthday party today was nice – we had a brunch with a few dear ones. He got some lovely gifts (clothing/toys), and got to skip his nap in order to play and say goodbye to Daddy who left to go back to AB today. We will join him in a week’s time! (Miss him already!).


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