Like a Child

Sometimes I wish my life was as simple as “Oohhh! Look mommy, PINECONES!!!”.  {He melts my heart.}

She melts my heart too. Seriously, I turn into emotional mush when I look into those eyes. “Love me Mommy, I’m cute!”. Oh, and their daddy is kinda the best husband I could ever ask for. He’s my first and only love, and always will be.

Aliza, almost 3 weeks old


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2 Responses to Like a Child

  1. Krista says:

    Super sweet! You have such adorable kids! And you must be having fun dressing Aliza in adorable girl clothes. Love my boys, but girls clothes are sooo much cuter! Hopefully I will have a granddaughter… 🙂


    • redandhoney says:

      Yup, girl clothes are really fun. But I did enjoy boy clothes too. Some of Isaac’s outfits just about blow me over with cuteness!

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