The First Few Days

On Tuesday evening we dropped my parents off at the airport to fly home to Toronto. Today is Saturday. We are all still alive and well.

All four of us.

{That sounds weird!}.

{Aren’t these squiggly brackets prettier than the regular ones? What are they for anyway?}. {Oh, and are you supposed to put a period after a bracket when the whole sentence is bracketed?}… oh, the things I think but don’t usually write.

My lovelies, Aliza {2.5 weeks old} & Isaac {22 months old}

The first few days of life as “just the four of us” have been nice.  Aliza is a better sleeper than Isaac was at this age, and we have been surprised by how “easy” life with a newborn can seem, when not severely sleep-deprived.  She is usually up every 2-3 hours in the night, but does a long stretch of 4-6 hours in the evening (sometimes during our sleeping time, sometimes not).  Also, she generally eats and goes right back to sleep… something Isaac rarely did.  On the more difficult side, I’m not sure if we have breastfeeding totally figured out yet.  I’m hoping it’s just the 3-week growth spurt, and it will resolve itself, but she does tend to eat every hour for a good chunk of the day (at least it’s not at night).  I sometimes feel like she’s hungry and I don’t have enough milk to satisfy her (it seems like she’s ALWAYS hungry!)… but then after a few hours she seems to finally be satisfied, and falls asleep.  Perhaps my milk supply is just a little slow in catching up to the demand.  I’m not terribly worried about it, more just “keeping an eye on it”.

My monkey @ 22 months. He is currently in love with watermelon ("mannamennon").

Oddly enough, I’ve found it kind of nice to be just the four of us.  It was amazing to have my parents here for the first couple of weeks (I’m sure we would have “survived”, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as peaceful and graceful of a transition without them), but at some point we had to be our own family.  We had to find our own routine, our own rhythm.  How to be us, as four, instead of three.  It’s only been a few days so far, so this may be overly optimistic, but I think we’re doing well.  That being said, I realize that it’s “easy” enough when Chris is at home (which is fairly often, thanks to his non-traditional work and school arrangements), but when I am home alone with the 2 kids (only twice so far), things will be much different.  I have no idea how things are going to work… I don’t know what my days will look like, but I do have a sense that we will survive.  Some days more gracefully than others, but we will definitely survive.  So many other moms do it… there’s no reason to think I can’t!
Overall, Ally has been a joy.  {True to her name, which means ‘joyful’}.  The joys of a second child… life is more relaxed, parents are {somewhat} more experienced, and the transition seems smoother.  Instead of having our world turned upside-down and experiencing a major life change, we are slowly getting into our groove of four, while already being used to “parent-mode”.  Maybe it’s not like this for everyone, but I’ve definitely been feeling it.  We started her in cloth diapers already, and I feel great about it.  It took me 3 months to get up the nerve to start Isaac in them {don’t know what I was waiting for, really}.  Also, Isaac has been so great with her.  He has shown no obvious jealously or dislike of her – he actually often wants to hold her and kiss her, and says hi to her a lot.  He also is becoming a good little helper, and does well at doing small tasks like putting dirty diapers in the garbage, or bringing me things I need.  He’s so proud of himself when he figures out what we are asking, and does it successfully.  It’s adorable!

Rockin' the big cloth bum look, and the just-after-a-bath towel look. 2-ish weeks old.

Cuddles (In Isaac's words... "We cuddoo?")


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3 Responses to The First Few Days

  1. Krista says:

    Aww, so sweet! Glad things are going well. 🙂


  2. naomi says:

    I cannot wait to meet her! I am so happy that Isaac is being such an awesome little helper! I miss him so much! He’s getting to old too fast!

  3. Cheryl Lee says:

    Thank you for sharing. A beautiful family! It brings back fond, fond memories. Enjoy every second, as they grow quickly! Mine are now 27 & 25. Quickly indeed!

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