Waiting for Labor to Begin

Here begins a new series on this blog, to be continued until further notice (or until no longer relevant).

While I am waiting to birth this little late girlie, I am trying not to go crazy with wondering when it will happen… so I will begin to record the varied things I do to pass the time.

  1. Listen to my Dad read Dr. Seuss’ ABC’s book (he can recite it from memory) to Isaac.
  2. Try not to think about natural induction methods and why they have not worked for me.
  3. Appreciate my honey and how he takes such good care of me (he set a cup of tea down beside me as I wrote this one).
  4. Sit and watch the sunlight streaming through my front bay window.
  5. Be grateful that I’m not in the grossness that is 44 degrees celsius with humidity in Toronto these days.
  6. Catch up on laundry (which of course pretty well zaps my energy for the day).
  7. Begin organizing our digital photos collection, especially from when Isaac was a newborn. Get distracted with his cuteness, then bored with organizing, and move on to something else.
  8. Work on Isaac’s crocheted granny square afghan.
  9. Think about trying to push through with my knitting, even though I hate doing things that I’m not very good at.
  10. Realize that I’m never going to be good at it unless I practice, practice, practice.
  11. Wait for So You Think You Can Dance, which is on Wednesday nights.
  12. Go to the Tilly Shop (the Prairie-run thrift shop here in town), and come out with a garbage basket for our bathroom, an alarm clock for baby girl’s room, so I can keep track of time in the middle of the night while rocking her, and a pair of shorts and t-shirt PJ’s for Isaac for the summer. All for a total of $1.75.
  13. Check out the bookstore in town for the first time, and find a book I’ve been wanting to read, on sale for $1. Oh yeah.
  14. Look for a good movie to rent on itunes. Find nothing.
  15. Try to think of a good number 15 to make this list feel complete. Come up with nothing. Except for that.

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One Response to Waiting for Labor to Begin

  1. Krista says:

    Good idea, Beth. Do what you can to distract yourself. I think I would be going nuts! 😛


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