The Elusive Due Date

Since my Dad/brother/best guy friends all read this blog… here is a disclaimer: This post references female topics, such as periods… Continue reading at your own risk…

Any woman who’s been pregnant before knows that the due date is simply an estimate of the approximate month when your baby could be born (2 weeks before until 2 weeks after, on average). Still, when you are pregnant, you can’t help but look ahead to that particular date with much anticipation.

Also, due dates can be kind of messed up – it’s calculated based on the first day of your last menstrual period, assuming that conception took place 14 days later (assuming an average cycle of 28 days). This is the first problem, considering that most women have varying cycle lengths, and not just 28 days. This means that the date of conception for many women is not necessarily 14 days from the date of your LMP (last menstrual period) – it could be much earlier or much later. This is why the doctor will also change your due date based on a first trimester ultrasound (measuring how big the baby is), but as we all know, babies come in varying sizes, and this method is not super accurate…

When I was pregnant with Isaac, I knew the date of conception, and I was quite certain. Based on my dates, his due date was September 10. But the doctor gave me a new date based on the ultrasound, which was September 8. Not much of a difference, but for some women, the difference can be substantial. Since doctor’s are so “induce-happy” these days, this can lead to babies actually being born before they are ready, because of wrong due dates (assuming the baby is closer to 40 weeks than he or she actually is). Also, my own mother carried each of her 3 kids for an extra 2-3 weeks past her due date (sorry Mom :))… doctors weren’t so obsessed with inducing back then – they realized that some babies just take a little extra time to “cook”.

With this pregnancy, I was not totally sure of the date of my last period (I couldn’t be certain, but I had a good idea). So the doctor decided to do a “dating ultrasound”. This gave me the due date of July 4. The only problem was, based on my educated guess of when my last period had started (I remembered the week, but not the specific day), my due date is more like June 30.

Which is today.

40 weeks

Not that it means anything, since baby doesn’t exactly have a calendar in there with her… but it would nice to meet her soon.

And all that is to day… I’m trying very hard to be patient, knowing that it could literally be “ANY TIME NOW”. Every little cramp, braxton-hicks, and twinge of pain makes me wonder if labor is beginning. Knowing the technical part of how due dates are wonky does not always make it easier to wait patiently.

Hurry up and finish cooking, baby girl! It’s a really nice world out here! I’m so excited to meet you 🙂


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2 Responses to The Elusive Due Date

  1. Krista says:

    God’s prefect timing…though I KNOW that is hard when you just want her out! 🙂


  2. naomi says:

    lol. your so patient.

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