Kisses and Disses, Vol.1

One of my fave photographers is Jasmine Star. Her shots are always gorgeous, as are the subjects. One of the things she does on her blog is a “Kisses & Disses” post every so often… which is exactly what it sounds like.

Here’s my version, for today.

Kisses & Disses, Vol.1. June 10, 2010.

Meeting a camel at the Guzoo (Yes, I realize this has nothing to do with my post, really... but I wanted to include a picture, and this was the best I could do at the moment...)


* My Lululemon pants. Oh my stinkin’ word… these things are a gift from heaven. They are THE most comfortable pants I own (by FAR), and they aren’t even maternity pants. I realize that they’re kinda expensive and trendy (which is really not my usual style)… but for my nearly 37-week pregnant bod, they are WORTH EVERY PENNY and then some. I can even wear them outside the house and not look like a slob, unlike wearing sweatpants (which aren’t as comfy, just for the record, even my maternity sweatpants). I don’t care if you don’t believe me… my lower half is as comfy as could be, all things considered.

* Being nearly 37 weeks pregnant. This stage is tough, but hey… bottom line is that I’m grateful that we are about to add another tiny (pooping, screaming, adorable) blessing to our lives! I’m really getting excited to meet her and see her face for the first time!

* A sense of adventure. We’re going camping this weekend, and I’m feeling great about it! If I weren’t the type who was willing to go camping for a couple of nights 3 weeks before giving birth, I think I’d be totally bored with myself. I love camping, and there’s no reason at all why I wouldn’t want to go!

* The jacuzzi tub in our new place. Enough said.


* Telemarketers who call and make me heave my huge self off the couch to grab the phone. Not nice. Not nice at all. I especially don’t want to hear a guilt trip about not donating to your random cause that I’ve never heard of. Seriously, does that crap actually work on people? I have my own brain, thank-you very much. These people just don’t take no for an answer. The last one that called, I actually said “Ok listen, I realize you probably have a script to follow, so would it be easier if I just hung up?”…

* Housework. Feeling like there is so much to do in a day, and yet knowing that I just can’t move that quickly right now!

* The train that wakes us up at night as it goes right by our house. I usually sleep through it, but Chris is the world’s lightest sleeper, and it still wakes him up.

* The impending lack of sleep from having a newborn. Totally worth it… yes. But still, sleep is nice…


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2 Responses to Kisses and Disses, Vol.1

  1. Krista says:

    We have a train that sometimes goes by very near our place in the middle of the night, or EARLY morning, and I have a newborn, so I understand! 🙂


  2. kimberley says:

    i don’t know if it’s any consolation, but i grew up across the street from the train tracks at the north end of town and as an extremely light sleeper i can say with confidence that you will eventually get used to it. might take a few months…or a year…but suddenly, you won’t be able to sleep well without it.

    hope that helps a little:) hey, you’ll be sleep deprived, but at least you’ll look fabulous in your lulus!!:)

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