Brain Dump!

I haven’t really been into the blogging groove lately. I seem to go in spurts. I’ve been thinking about a whole lot of things lately, and have often thought “ooh, that would make a good blog post”, but for whatever reason I just haven’t gotten around to blogging. I do however need to free up some brain space, so I want to share what has been on my mind lately…

I read a lot of great blogs through my google reader, and I never run out of links to click on when something catches my interest. Here’s what I’ve been interested in lately… perhaps some of you will find some interesting reads too, and then we can chat about them! (I wish I had more tea/skype chat dates with people who love to discuss these things!).

So, without further rambling…

The Things On My Mind:

* Should I or should I not bother with doing a bunch of freezer cooking for after baby arrives? I don’t know if I have the energy right now… but I REALLY won’t have the time to do so once she’s here…

* We just moved into our new place a week ago. It’s huge. And by huge, I mean, not the biggest house I’ve ever been in, but certainly the biggest I’ve ever lived in. It’s really fun, and I could totally see having like 5 or 6 kids in this place (not that we’ll be living here that long, but theoretically).Β There’s even a jacuzzi tub, and that makes me a very happy pregnant woman. I’ve used it 3 times already. Guess who’s going to be labouring in there for as long as possible while also avoiding giving birth in the car enroute to the hospital?! If you said me, you are correct πŸ™‚

* Other awesome bonuses about this place: it’s cheaper rent than what the much smaller house was going to be when they increase the rent in 3 months / the kitchen is beautiful and big / there’s a warm and lovely sunroom / the living room is the size of montana, which means we can have our living area, and a giant area for kids stuff / there’s a huge bay window that faces west… hello prairie sunsets / there’s a master bedroom walk-in closet with its own window and ensuite bathroom with shower / there’s a room for each kid plus a guest room / the landlady is hiring professional painters to paint the color we want, while we’re away in August / the landlady is lending us a bunch of furniture plus a firepit, a microwave oven, and firewood / there’s a huge basement that we don’t have anything in right now b/c we simplified our stuff so much when we moved (and no, we don’t intend to fill it or intentionally accumulate more stuff… we will be avoiding that at all costs!)

* The cons: no backyard (just a laneway where we park our van), but a decent-sized front yard / the street out front is busier, ie. no bike riding on it next summer / the train goes by right outside our house and it wakes us up at night… although last night Isaac slept through it… and also Isaac absolutely loves watching it go by during the day. Of course, as I’m typing this, the second train of the day is going by, and Isaac is napping (please God, let him stay asleep!!!) / um… the oven is on the small side, so no 25lb turkeys for us πŸ™‚ BUT it’s a built-in to the wall one, so no bending over, which pretty well makes up for the small size.

* Obviously, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. We’re very, very blessed to be here, and pray that we can use this space to bless others as well (I’m picturing Chris’s impact group meeting in the basement and me providing the fresh-baked brownies πŸ™‚

* Um, and now on to the good reads that I said this list was about (apparently I had a lot more randomness on my mind than I realized).

* This blogger recently returned from a trip to Kenya, and her comments and processing of that experience have been quite interesting (especially for me, as someone who’s spent a significant amount of time in Africa (without living there long-term) on missions, as well as someone who’s involved with an African missions agency, and planning to live there full-time as a missionary). She’s been experiencing an altering of her worldview, and as is so often the case when you return from a trip like that, has been challenged to reconcile her worldview with her lifestyle. Not always (ever?) an easy task… especially living in N. America. I loved this post (and now I really want to read that book).

* Contraception. A sensitive subject among Christian couples these days. Everyone seems to have an opinion on it (and if you don’t you really should – it’s one of those things that you should be informed on, as it’s a significant moral issue). I enjoyed this book review on my dad’s blog about a book in which the author basically argues against contraception of any sort, even NFP (Natural Family Planning). I personally am pretty sold on NFP as the best choice for Christian couples, however I think the author raises some interesting points (which are well critiqued in the comments on the post).

* My best friend’s (one of two bf’s, actually. I’m a lucky, lucky girl!)Β short but sweet thoughts on being hungry and pregnant. I concur times a million. This is how I feel, ALL. THE. FREAKIN’. TIME. (Big sigh). You know that stage where pregnant women find it frustrating because they start to feel full so quickly when eating a meal? Yeah, I have the opposite problem. I could eat all day long. Ok, I pretty much do. Thankfully my weight gain has been normal. Me and baby must have super metabolisms!

* This blogger is simply inspiring. My creative side really digs her, and I (along with her bajillion fans) really kinda want to be like her when I grow up (in the crafty ways, at least). I have one of her books, (and if anyone’s wondering, wink wink, I’d *love* a copy of her second book) and while she’s not a Christian (more of a pantheist/humanist type), I find her take on nature and creativity to be usually jivable (is that a word?) with my own worldview. I just wish I could sew/knit/craft like her. Heck, I’d take even being able to do just one of those like her!

* I think I’ve said this before, but DUDE!… I write with a heck of a lot of parentheses. It’s how I talk, too, come to think of it. I sometimes get lost from what I was originally saying!

* Eating a healthier diet. This article gives an excellent suggestion for THE first step…

* This list is a good condensed version of everything I’ve been learning over the last year or so: Kitchen Stewardship’s “What to Eat, What to Avoid, and How to Compromise”. I wish everyone I know would read this list… and then share their thoughts with me so we could inspire each other and learn together!


Well, I could go on, but since this post is approaching gargantuan proportions, I should probably end here. I really need to just share interesting links more often, then this kind of overwhelming and ridiculously long post will be avoided!

So tell me, what’s on your mind? If you read any of my links, what piqued your interest? What’s your reaction? Any strong disagreements? I’d love to hear!

(Sorry, no photos for this post [and wayyy too much text]. It irks me, but I’ll get over it. This is NOT the kind of post that makes your blog super popular… but since popular is WAY over rated, I’m ok with that πŸ™‚


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