Where I’ve Been Wednesday

Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, I now have a cute little title to go along with my post on what the heck I’ve been doing lately (other than not blogging).


And that was as far as I got on Wednesday… it’s now Friday, and I’m again attempting to write a post and actually hit publish. The little one is asleep (I think), and Honey is away for the weekend (insert pathetic sad face here… I can’t help it – I miss him!). Of course, once I got the kid to sleep and the kitchen cleaned up for the night… it’s almost bedtime for this tired mama. But first – I must seize this opportunity to let you all know that I’m still alive.

Life has indeed been busy lately. Let’s see… we had my sister here to visit for 3 days, then she was off to Edmonton to see a friend of hers that she hasn’t seen in forever. While she was here though, we went to Banff for the day. It was absolutely awesome to see mountains again, and it was just such a great day. Isaac even had an hour and half nap in his new stroller, which he pretty well never does! (We also went up for a flight over the prairies with Chris as our pilot, in a little 4-seater plane. My sister sat in the front with Chris, and I sat in the back with Isaac… it was his first flight with Daddy! He pretty much just sat there… I think he thought we were in the van since he was in his car seat. Next time – no car seat so he can look out the windows!)

A kiss for Mommy on Mother's Day in Banff 🙂

Two days after my sister left, we flew to Toronto to surprise our best friends for their baby shower. That was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done (yes, I’m aware that “funnest” isn’t a word, but it should be. So there).

The six of us (practically family)

They were totally shocked, which I was thrilled about (I actually had dreams in the weeks leading up to our trip about the moment of walking in and surprising them)… and it was so lovely to be able to just totally pick up where we left off, as if we’d been hanging out the week before (also with our other best friends, who complete our little group of six… who are really more like family… but that’s another post for another day). Suffice it to say – it was nice to see them and hang out like “old times”.

My sister and I (she's going to Germany for 6 months, so we won't see her and her hubby Dennis until Christmas)

Of course it was great to see our families too, as well as a couple of other close friends. We are so ridiculously blessed to have so many amazing people who love us, even though they are far away!

Antlers on the wall of one of the barns at the Guzoo

On the recent holiday Monday, we decided to go to the Guzoo Animal Farm, which is about 5 minutes from our house. It was pretty fun. Isaac loved it. He got to touch a few different animals, like llamas, goats, pigs, sheep, and a camel. We also got to see some lions, tigers, monkeys, and other assorted creatures. It was pretty cool, considering it’s in the middle of nowhere in the prairies of Alberta!

And of course, amidst all of the craziness, the days until Isaac’s little sister is due are rapidly slipping away! We are getting really excited (although I think Isaac is beginning to doubt that Mommy’s belly is ever going to actually produce a baby, it’s been so long now!), and a little nervous. I feel like it’s been a long time since we’ve been in that newborn stage, and although we know better what to expect, we are just hoping it’s like riding a bike – that it will all come back as soon as we do it!

Group hug for baby sister! (Yes, she has a name. No, we're not telling yet. You're going to have to wait 5 more weeks to find out!)

That brings us to today 🙂 In between all of the excitement there has been the usual ebb and flow of life: Chris spending time at the airport, getting some flying done, the usual home life of dishes and meals and laundry and diapers, and enjoying the NOT humid Alberta cool temperatures. It’s been generally nice (low 20’s), with no humidity (which is LOVELY for a pregnant woman!). This weekend is a bit chillier, but honestly I’d rather have this right now than the gross humidity that makes me swell like a balloon when pregnant. I’m not sweating and uncomfortable, and I don’t have swollen ankles. It’s pretty nice!

Chris is away this weekend doing an orientation in Medecine Hat for a team that’s going out to Africa this summer, so I am solo parenting for a few days. Not my favorite thing to do, but it always brings a renewed sense of appreciation for having my Honey around. He really is pretty wonderful!

How are you doing, if I haven’t talked to you lately? Anything exciting? (Anyone listening?)…

Whew! I feel like I just wrote a huge letter, so I will sign off…




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3 Responses to Where I’ve Been Wednesday

  1. Katrina says:

    So you have had a BUSY few weeks 🙂 Complete with the BEST surprise ever!
    By the way that picture of Isaac with the antlers is AWESOME & I love the one where everyone is hugging Baby Girl!

  2. Diane Trail says:

    Thanks for the comments. It`s nice being able to know how things are going with you. By the way, you write well. Check facebook for what`s up with us.

  3. Naomi says:

    Of course your busy…that’s life right?
    Things have been kinda wild here too. I am going crazy at work trying to wrap things up before Jessica comes back…I know I have a month before that happens but on top of my project behind the desk I am trying to organize myself for my new job working with girls, doing a small group, a photography group, continuing with doing the magazine I started. etc…

    Plus I’ve started helping out with a lunch program that one of our guys, Mike does at one of the high schools. Over 100 kids come out and there are only 6 volunteers that run it! I’ll be a regular there from now on.

    Then there is home life. Things have been wonderful but busy. I feel like we haven’t see our friends in soooo long. We were camping at Sandbanks this weekend with Mat’s mom and the weekend before that we had Mat;s brother staying with us.

    Next week Mat leaves me for Hamilton to do a class – I’m trying my hardest to fill the week with a lot of visit from friends and family so that I don’t notice he’s gone & worry myself into illness (impossible I know)

    June is already booked with plans and dates and events, and July is no better. We’ve got 3 ‘regular’ birthdays, one large 70th Birthday, family from the US staying with us, one concert, one family reunion, 1 anniversary, one camping trip, one fundraiser (for my job), and another fundraiser for Mike’s lunch group…and I haven’t even LOOKED into August yet…oi.

    See you sometime in 2012? Maybe we can book a date for then. 🙂

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