Food Inc.

If you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about, then you, my friend, have been hiding under a rock πŸ˜‰ Crawl out, and acquaint yourself with this brilliant film documentary.

Click here to go to the official website and watch the trailer.

Honey and I rented it from itunes a few months ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. We also learned a lot, and were adequately shaken from the complacency that is so easy to slip into when it comes to the food industry in North America.

We realized that we want to be intentionally informed, instead of willfully ignorant. I encourage you to consider the same. More than likely (or at least hopefully…), it will disgust, enrage, teach, inspire, and move you to change.

We just bought our own copy as well, and it’s currently on its’ way in the mail. If any of you real-life peeps want to borrow it, just tell me I’m awesome, and I’ll consider lending it (clarification: I’m not saying that the rest of you are robots… although that would really tickle my secret inner sci-fi geekness… I’m just referring to the people I actually know in real life. k?).

Alrighty. Now go forth and rent. Or buy. Or borrow. (Don’t steal).

Whatever, just watch it.

(Have you seen it already? Well, what are you waiting for?? Talk to me!)


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8 Responses to Food Inc.

  1. Julia Janzen says:

    PBS has been showing Food Inc. I’m not sure if it’s on their website yet but they’ve been really good about putting their programs online to watch.

    BTW I think I found you yesterday through The Nourished Kitchen or somebody on Facebook. Our little family has been taking baby steps towards getting healthy and living more simply. My husband blogs on tiny houses and living sustainably and so what you said in your post yesterday kind of hit home with where we are at.

    Loved your post and look forward to reading more. Especially the one on salt!


    • redandhoney says:

      Ah… thanks! I finally figured out where all the traffic was coming from. Mystery solved πŸ™‚ Being in Canada, I can’t watch anything from American network websites. But we do have our copy of Food Inc on it’s way, so we’re good πŸ™‚

  2. Krista says:

    Hey Beth, have your read better world handbook. That is what started my journey. However I have to say that Albertans sure don’t make it easy. Let me know if you are looking for places to shop though, that – I know.

    • redandhoney says:

      No, never heard of it… so I googled it. It certainly looks interesting. The social concerns I like, however I would tend to disagree with the health/eating advice given on their website (… good conversation potential for small group sometime? πŸ˜‰

  3. naomi says:

    can we borrow it?

  4. This movie is so good. I try to get everyone i know to watch it. Hubby was more willing to pay extra $$ for organic food after he watched it with me =)

    • redandhoney says:

      Yeah, I found it helped my hubby too. I sometimes do so much reading online, it’s hard to “catch him up” to what I’ve learned without expecting him to just “get it”.

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