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Mr. Pilot Man

I can’t resist a man in uniform… All of the students and instructors wear a shirt like this one (instructors’ shirts are white). The stripes on his shoulders tell what level of training he has. His two stripes shows that … Continue reading

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The Domestic Monastery

A while ago I stumbled across this article online, but for the life of me, cannot remember how or when. I think these were words that God intended for me to read in my mothering journey. They’ve certainly been like … Continue reading

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On Being Pregnant… Again.

Being pregnant with a toddler running around your legs in circles at the speed of light has been, shall we say… a “different” experience from being pregnant for the first time. I have to be honest, I think I’m enjoying … Continue reading

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The Energizer Bunny Takes a Break

We have not done much by way of excitement around here. Isaac has been sick since last Sunday with an ear infection, and a cold that has hung on for several weeks now. Thankfully, I think he’s mostly better now. … Continue reading

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Parenting Styles: The Great Debate

I’ve been learning and reading a ton lately on parenting styles. Specifically the ones floating around in the camp of the Attachment Parenting, Gentle Discipline styles. I’ve always felt that one is obligated to be informed about both sides of … Continue reading