Never Mind…

I wanted to get a few of these up tonight lest an angry mob of Isaac fans attack me in the comments. These are from today’s outdoor backyard adventure. Fun times! From the lack of jackets, hats, mitts, etc, you’d never know it was February in Alberta. We’re loving it!


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4 Responses to Never Mind…

  1. Katrina says:

    Great pictures! I love the last one…if it’s possible Stinker is just getting cuter & cuter!

    I can’t believe that you guys can go outside without your coats…so unfair!! However at the moment I’m not sure I can complain that much since the apparent “snow storm” that we were supposed to get has yet to do much of anything.

  2. Krista says:

    Aww, he’s getting so big! As I envy your weather we are currently getting a snow storm that is suppose to last all day, through the night, and into tomorrow. We were going to go to my parents’ place tomorrow and spend the night it’s looking like that won’t happen…stupid snow. I want Spring!
    Sorry…little rant. 😛


  3. naomi says:

    I love your camera Beth – your getting to be an outstanding photographer.
    Please take more pics of your house and town. I wanna feel like I know where your talking about when you mention all these places.
    Katrina – Yeah – that snow storm just hit us and is coming your way. It’s a pretty wicked storm – its all melting now though.

  4. Keidi says:

    How fun to see a little bit more than GCM affords, and of course it’s exciting, it’s your life, right? Thanks for sharing! Keidi (Orthomama, from GCM. 8)

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