My Coffee Date With the Computer

I don’t have any friends (yet) here in my new little town with whom I can grab a coffee (tea) and chat, so… I’m pretending that I’m chatting to my bf’s back home. All others: feel free to listen in.

This weekend Honey is 2 hours away at Edmonton MissionFest, representing AIM. Isaac and I are holding down the fort here at home, attempting to survive 4 days without our favorite big guy.

It’s a strange feeling, being alone in a town where I don’t know anyone (Ok, I’ve acquired a couple of acquaintances, one of which I know her phone number… I’ve spoken to her maybe 3 times now). Really though, it’s a lonely feeling. It takes me back to those grade school years where I would join a new school, a new class, and waste so much energy worrying that no one would like me or want to be my friend, and I’d be stuck eating lunch in a study cubicle in the library, pretending to study, but really just not having anyone to eat with. (Not that *I* ever did that… *cough*)…

Anyway… whine, whine, whine. I feel like that’s all that goes on in my head these days, worrying about such issues. I’m afraid I was quite spoiled in my life in TO, friend-wise. I was really stressing yesterday about making friends, and being discouraged… and then I reminded myself that I’ve only been here a week and a half! So, I told God that I was giving him the job of “helping us find some new friends”, and that of course he is perfectly entitled to taking as long as he pleases, but if he didn’t mind, could it please be soon?

I’m trying really hard to remember this surrendering of the aforementioned task, and of committing to myself not to worry so much about it.

I figure if I get it all off my chest now, I (hopefully) won’t carry it with me as I go about life here.

I asked the previously mentioned acquaintance over for a play date (she has 2 young kids) on Saturday, mentioning that my Honey is away. Her response? “Sure! My husband’s away this weekend too”.

I’ll take the opportunities as they come, and let God do the rest.


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3 Responses to My Coffee Date With the Computer

  1. naomi says:

    I’m sure making friends for you will happen quickly since the town is so small and your so uber-friendly. But even if it does take a long time. Think of this as a time for you to become closer friends with Chris and building into your marriage as friends (and lovers) more. That’s what happened for Mat and I our first year at Tyndale (before you guys had enough time to hangout with us) and it happened again when we moved to Quinte. We had no one to ‘be’ with except each other on and God. It’s a good opportunity that you can really use to build into your marriage. Of course, Chris would have to be IN town with you. 🙂
    much loves.
    ps- you’re still spoiled friend-wise by the way, just cuz you moved doesn’t mean you don’t have friends anymore.

  2. Katrina says:

    Miss you!!
    How was your weekend play-date?

    • redandhoney says:

      It didn’t end up happening… she forgot that she had scheduled a house inspection that morning (thinking about buying their house). But that was ok, as much as I know I need to do it, the beginning stages of socializing are so draining, especially without Chris there. So I was disappointed/relieved simultaneously. We’ll make plans again I’m sure – she lives like a 30 second walk from us.

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