On Starting This New Blog.

Dear Random Reader,

Oh, the drama of blogging. There are lots of different kinds of bloggers, with a wide variety of motivations.

I just want to write.

To remember…
To share…
To participate in community…
To release…
To connect…
To love… (yeah, not really sure how blogging is love… but it sounded good, so I threw it in there.)

I don’t care if anyone reads this. I used to. But now I really don’t care. Actually, that’s not true… I kinda hope my hubby reads what I write… I love making him proud of me.

I did have another blog, sadly it’s currently inaccessible because of technical blah blah blah. We were hosting it ourselves, but then we moved across the country, and the new internet provider doesn’t allow web hosting with a basic account. You need a “business account” for that… blah blah blah… Hey! I just sounded kinda technical there! (Honey, are you proud? Did I explain it right?). So, in the meantime while I figure out what the heck is happening with that blog, I’m starting a free one here.

Mostly I’m going to write about what I’m learning right now. Probably mostly health stuff and spiritual stuff. And of course, for posterity’s sake I will write about my 3 loves: my honey, my little guy, and little sister, due to arrive this summer.

If that interests you, then welcome! If not, you know the way out (the little back button at the top, or the little red “x”. No hard feelings really 🙂




About redandhoney

I blog at www.redandhoney.com!
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One Response to On Starting This New Blog.

  1. naomi says:

    you’re funny bethers.

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